Getting Download Link Ready...

Download link should should be ready in 10 seconds. You might need to read these while preparing it.

How to install theme ?

  • On Blogger dashboard Click Theme.
  • Click Backup / Restore.
  • Click Download theme To backup your old blog theme.
  • Click Browse... to upload the downloaded theme.xml File.
  • To disable Mobile Preview click on the gear icon and choose (No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices.) then click Save.

What are Free Themes ?

  • Themes given away for free created by ar-themes or other partners.
  • All free themes have footer copyrights.
  • We may not force you to keep footer copyrights in some of them. But others have copyrights bound to footer.
  • You can download the new updated versions for free.
  • All free themes are supported.

What are Premium Themes ?

  • Themes being sold.
  • Created by ar-themes or sponsored from other partners.
  • It supports multiple purchases. You have the right to remove the footer copyrights.
  • You get all new updates of the purchased theme.
  • All Premium themes are supported.

What are Client Requested Themes ?

  • Themes created by ar-themes only under the request of the client for hiring us.
  • We won't sell or violate these themes to any other one except him.
  • These themes will be shown in our Client Requested themes category as a part of our work after only if the client allows us to show them.
  • Clients requested these themes get new updates for the requested themes.
  • All Client Requested themes are supported.